Job Work

Photo Editing Job Work

SDS wedding photo editing team turn professional wedding photographers dream of having a "back office" that can take care of time-intensive photo editing needed to complete wedding albums on time and under budget. By working with many latest photo editing softwares, wedding photo editing costs are low enough to ensure that wedding photographers can compete more effectively. We also allow photographers to deliver wedding photos to the bride and groom in a timely fashion. This can be a huge competitive advantage compared to photographers who are several months behind. With this approach, the SDS photo editing team will spend hours behind the computer instead of you. We produces high-quality editing for wedding photos that will impress your clients.

Video Editing Job Work

Video editing is a smooth process, in which we edit the unwanted portions from a randomly shot video footage,  addition of songs and music at proper scene of wedding or functions so that useful shots to bring out a definite meaning, make the video polished by arranging the shots obtained from randomly shot footage into a meaningful sequence, and then embellish the video with background music and effects. We use latest and advanced video editing softwares which add many effects in your wedding videos. Our video editing team handle your complete wedding video project and make it sensible wedding video by saving your time and cost.